Tuesday, 09 June 2015
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Managing Editor of the Insight newspaper, Kwesi Pratt has questioned the Mahama government's inability to engage the services of engineers from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) in finding a permanent solution to the country's perennial flooding.

Kwesi Pratt openly wondered the logic in the establishment of an university for engineers if the country cannot find solutions to curb the flood situation and any other development-related issues in the country.

“When you go to our universities, there is professor this, professor that but there is nothing happening”, he said.

According to him, UST is supposed to churn out experts who will utilize their expertise to the benefit of the Ghanaian economy and tasked the government to engage the services of these researchers and development experts to find appropriate solutions to problems confronting the nation.

“Are the engineers in this nation still alive? I don’t understand. This is a country with a University of Science and Technology. We have consciously established a University that is dedicated to Science and Technology. But has such University been charged that they should find solutions to these problems? And if they have been indeed charged, what resources are available for them to do that work? And if they have been charged and given the resources, what have they laid out as solutions to the problem?” he quizzed.

He also lambasted the nation for having Professors who cannot solve any national issue.

“We have University of Science and Technology. We established that University because we want to deal with problems like flooding, development and so on. What is happening? What is happening? What is happening to all these our experts…The Professors are numerous but we’re still beset with problems. Why? What is happening?” a charged Kwesi Pratt asked.

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