Privacy Policy

Kalah Social site is primarily developed to enable people to share or exchange information and to advertise, buy or sell items. At Kalah Social information is divided into four (4) forms and they include:
•    Mandatory Information:  These are the registration information that you must provide when you ‘Sign On’ and they comprise: User ID profile including your full name and user name, gender, information about you, email address and password, location (e.g. country, town or city).

•    Optional information:  These are the information that you choose to upload or share on Kalah Social site and they can be personal and/or social network and contact information (e.g. mobile number), social network information, photos that you put on Kalah Social site, stories, location/environmental and educational information, comments, invites and website information, information that you choose to view on Kalah Social site, interactive information that you generate with people who use Kalah Social and information about purchases that you make through Kalah Social site, chat, video / video calls,  etc.   

•    Information that others (e.g. your friends) upload / share about you, messages you receive and information generated when you look at another person's profile and home page, information that you search on Kalah Social site, etc.

•    Information we store about you

The information you post on Kalah Social site are treated as public information but you can choose to share your information with only people from your social network or other people including site members, friends or for just yourself by clicking the ‘Only Me’ on the site.  

Kalah Social information management policy aims to ensure that the information you provide remain unedited. We aim to protect service users' information safe and secure by ensuring that they are not deleted but you can delete your own information. We however reserve the right whenever necessary to delete information to ensure compliance with the law and for observing universal ethical and moral standards and requirements.
We ensure that our information management system conform to UK statutory requirements. Our information management policy is however not to treat Company and Service Users’ sensitive information on Kalah Social site in the realm of secrecy but to meet the requirements of the UK Data Protection Act. It is for example our operational policy and organisational practice to obtain service users' consent prior to the sharing of sensitive information. We use the information we receive for the management of our features and to improve our services so as to ensure that the services we provide for you and others including our partner agencies and advertisers meet your needs and are good quality.
All Kalah Social staff are provided with training on Kalah Social information management policy and procedures. With regard to information request, it is mandatory for all Kalah Social staff to consider whether the information should be treated as confidential and / or whether there is a legal and/or legitimate basis (e.g. statutory obligation or Court order) to disclose. Kalah Social staff are also required to consider whether there is compelling ethical and/or moral basis or public interest to disclose or share the information.  If the answer to these questions is yes, then we inform and seek the consent from the service user or agency whose information is to be shared prior to disclosing the requested information. It is also Kalah Social Policy requirement that all its employees consider whether sharing the information would cause or place the service user or another person at risk of harm, and if refusal to share the information will prejudice the prevention or detection of crime or whether delay to disclose the information would lead to possible risks or compromise the service user’s rights and welfare. Kalah Social information management policy makes it mandatory for the officer responsible for information management to:
•    Record who is requesting for the information and the reason(s) or motivation for asking for the information
•    Ascertain how the person or agency requesting for the information will safeguard or meet data protection requirements
•    Ensure that the information is provided to the ‘right’ person and,
•    To record the information sharing decision(s) (e.g. the reason(s) for disclosing the information).

Kalah Social is subject to the UK Freedom of Information Act 2000. It is the responsibility of Users’ of Kala Social site to obtain independent legal advice on the provisions of the Act as Kalah Social is not offering advice in regard to the Act, nor are its officers responsible or authorised to provide any such advice.
•    If you consider that any information you supply is sensitive or confidential in nature (within the meaning of the aforementioned Act), this should be highlighted in the body of the submission and the reasons for its sensitivity and applicability for legal exemption given.
•    Kalah Social does not guarantee to comply with your request for reserved information and this will be considered only at the time of any request for the information. Kalah Social will wherever possible inform you in the event of an information request.  However a failure to indicate that information is in your view exempt may be seen as consent for automatic release of unreserved information. Service Users can request for ‘Exemption’ by emailing Kalah Social at:
You must read the ‘Information Management Policy’ before you register. Registration means you agree to Kalah Social policy .