Friday, 12 June 2015
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A woman of God, who is based at Gomoa Akrosu in the Central Region, has allegedly trekked to Ohwimase near Kumasi to exhume strange substances believed to be voodoo, also known as ‘juju’, from a church building.

Prophetess Sarah Nkansah, Head of Christ Word Church International at Gomoa Akrosu, allegedly exhumed the voodoo substances from International Mustard Seed Gospel Worship Centre at Ohwimase, headed by Prophet Daniel Opoku.

She claimed that the juju, which was planted in the church, was causing rampant deaths in a certain family that lives close to Prophet Opoku’s church, adding that the juju also helped Prophet Opoku’s church to grow.

When contacted by Daily Guide, Prophet Opoku vehemently debunked the claims of the prophetess, stressing that he is a genuine man of God therefore he could never stoop that low by planting juju in his church building.

The prophetess’ action followed complaints of mysterious deaths in the family of a Ghanaian domiciled abroad (name withheld for now), who owns the house adjacent to the church at Kwadaso-Ohwimase in Kumasi.

Prophet Daniel Opoku admitted knowledge of the weird materials but said he was not responsible for them.

According to him, when he bought the land to start the church, the juju had already been buried at the place, and since he did not have divine authority he could not uproot them, even though he was aware of the effects.

He explained that the pots found at the church premises were ordinary pots that he and his congregation prayed over and broke as part of their spiritual warfare.

But Prophetess Sarah Ama Nkansah said the buried pot was meant to destroy the family as God had revealed to her when she met the owner of the house.

She told Daily Guide that the weird materials she exhumed were the cause of the mysterious deaths in the woman’s family and that she was brought to the area to neutralise the potency of those materials to free the family from bondage.

Prophetess Nkansah said she then travelled to Ohwimase recently and true to the revelation, she was able to exhume some strange voodoo substances from a garden in the house after prayers.

She said she then realised that about three different juju materials had also been planted in the International Mustard Seed Gospel Worship Centre building, which is close to the house of the family she visited.

Prophetess Nkansah disclosed that she called for stoutly-built men who forcibly broke into the church building where she openly exhumed the strange substances in the full glare of the public.

Meanwhile, Prophet Daniel Opoku has told this paper that he was not present when Prophetess Nkansah and the so-called able-bodied men broke into his church, which was shortly followed by the prophetess’ assertion that she had exhumed voodoo substances from the church. “This is a hoax,” he said.

According to him, it was a criminal act for the prophetess and the ‘macho men’ to break into his church when he was not around, disclosing that he had reported the case to the Sofoline police in Kumasi.

Prophet Opoku refused to talk further about the issue, despite being pushed to the wall by the paper. He claimed that the chiefs and the elders of the town had taken over the case and so he could not talk further about it in the media.

Source: adomonline
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