Proverbs 11:4Proverbs 16:12Proverbs 78:72Ecclesiastes 10:17Proverbs 29:2, John 3:30Matthew 20:26,Philipians 2:32 Timothy 2:15, Exodus 18:21

Good and competent leadership is one of the needs of the world today in all areas of life.
We live in a world where leaders are trained to always come across as having the answers.
Check political leaders for example,you won't see a political aspirant receiving questions from the public who will tell the public he/she doesn't have the answers to the questions being asked.
They either dodge the questions diplomatically or answer the questions cleverly by a series of answers that may not have anything or very little to do with the question they have been asked.
They do this because they have been trained to always come across as having all the answers when they are dealing with the public.
They have been trained to look confident and up to the task even if they are not. This puts enormous stress and pressure on our political leaders behind the cameras and public view.
But Kingdom leadership is totally different.
Kingdom leadership is the kind of leadership our Lord Jesus demonstrated while He was here on earth, it operates quiet differently from earthly leadership.
Leadership is very important in life.
Every child of God is a leader in one way or another.
God has it in mind that His sons and daughters manifest while here on earth (Romas 8:19)
When sons/daughters of God start manifesting, they will start providing answers and results, and when you start providing answers and results you will become a leader.
In this church we have declared April to be our month of fruitfulness.
To be fruitful as an individual is to have results.
Fruitfulness answers to growth, maturity, and time. IT IS YOUR TIME!

You cannot have the fruits- the results, the solutions, the answers and not be a leader.
This is God's will for you, that you emerge the leader you have been created to be!

This is why we need to understand kingdom leadership.
Kingdom leadership is a wise, insightful kind of leadership carried about  by a connection to God.
It is compassionate leadership, it is mature leadership, it is leadership carried out with instructions from God's Kingdom, God's realm. It's leadership that operates with divine wisdom.

Everyone is a leader in one capacity or the other.
Kingdom leadership is not only useful in ministry or the building of a work for God but it cuts across all areas of living.
A man is a leader to his wife and children.
A mother is a leader to her child or children.
The man/woman leading an unbeliever to Christ is a leader to that unbeliever spiritually. So start evangelizing!
You many be a leader at work, in your church assembly, on the job, in business,in your community, at home and in many other ways.

Kingdom leadership is not burdensome but it is a call to responsibility. Matthew 11:30
Kingdom leadership is servant leadership.
Kingdom leadership is stooping to conquer.
Kingdom leadership is letting go to let God.
Kingdom leadership is not selfish leadership but leadership with the intention of benefiting others.

The world is in need of this kind of leadership.
The world needs leaders in every sector and area of life.
The church of Jesus Christ needs good leadership by genuine shepherds, we need teaching priests and genuine teaching prophets, anointed teachers, and good hearted ministers who will genuinely feed the people of God and not rip them off.
The Bible tells us in these last times false prophets will arise. There will be many of them.
We need truly called Kingdom leaders to counteract false prophets in these times.

What does it take to be an effective kingdom leader?
1) Come from God's Kingdom- Colossians 1:13, John 3:5
2) Have a Kingdom mentality- Romans 12:2
3) Go through process- James 1:4- Process produces growth and humility
4) Seek wisdom- Proverbs 4:7, Proverbs 8:15,16
5) Seek opportunities to serve- Exodus 24:13
6) Rely on God's Spirit- 1 John 2:27, John 14:26
7) Use Biblical Principles for all areas of life- 2 Timothy 3:16

A message delivered by Olutosin Ogunkolade, a Teacher Pastor

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