Thursday, 11 June 2015
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A man is suing a taxi motorcycle rider in Shanghai after he broke his pen*s by falling off the back of the bike - which watching pornography on his phone.

The man had been on the back of the motorcycle in Shanghai with another customer and the driver in front of him when they went over a speed bump.

He had been watching pornography on his phone at the time and was unable to keep balance so fell off the back of the vehicle.

And when he fell, it's believed that he damaged the tissue around his pen*s and has suffered erectile dysfunction, reports The Shanghiist.

He is now trying to sue the driver for $65,000 (£42,000), according to a TOMO News report, above.

The man, identified by his surname, Yu, was taking a ride with another passenger when he pulled out his phone to keep himself entertained.

It's believed he was watching an adult movie at the time of the fall which is why he couldn't brace himself.

Initially he told doctors that his pen*s was broken but they re-assured him by explaining there were no bones in his anatomy, reports TOMO News.

But severe impact can crush the tissue in the penis, which is what Yu suffered.

Source: dailymail #NambePatrickGH
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